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BAMBOO HOUSE | Pokhara, Nepal


Pokhara, Nepal

The brief for the Bamboo House was to develop a vernacular housing design that employed the construction, and design techniques of the local craftsmen in, and around, Pokhara, Nepal. When the Nepalese Earthquake struck in April 2015 the project evolved into a housing typology that could be employed throughout Nepal as a response to the need for housing in the aftermath of the disaster.

The objective, through the project, was to provide working opportunities to the local craftsmen, who had lost their livelihood post earthquake, while also providing housing to many people that had been affected. By using techniques in construction typical to those of the local people, the design intention was to conserve their history, vernacular and unique nature.


- Understanding extreme environments, and sensitively working with locals to learn their building methods to enable design within their constraints.

- Conservation principles surrounding use of water and materials in hostile and often inaccessible environments.

- Disaster awareness and managing post-event recovery.

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