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PORTERLOO | Mount Everest Base Camp, Nepal


Mount Everest Base Camp, Nepal

When posed with the challenge of designing toilet facilities for Mount Everest base camp, the initial response was to provide a solution that utilized tools, materials, technologies and practices already in place in this remote area. Implementing familiar systems ensures that, when put in practice, the facilities are more likely to be accepted and used by the climbing and local communities.

The simple, lightweight and functional design of the PorterLoo draws on the, “use what you have on hand”, mentality of the alpine community. Prefabricated units, that can easily be carried by climbers and porters, were designed to allow the Porterloo to be easily transportable, even to elevations higher than Base Camp.

The unit is designed to be self-powering with the by-product of the incineration process being a tablespoon of ash daily. This can easily be disposed of or carried down to lower elevation to provide fertilization for farming etc.

Waste and the inability, or unwillingness, to dispose of it effectively has caused huge pollution issues at all key climbing sites worldwide. Although this project looks to address Everest Base camp specifically, our solution can be implemented within climbing sites, or areas with difficult access, anywhere in the world.
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