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PROCESS + PRODUCT | Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok, Thailand

The idea of housing design as a process, not just a product, also referred to as ‘cooked’ architecture, is widely promoted through the writings, research and design methodologies focused towards low-income housing endeavors. Despite this, effective involvement of residents in developing and building their own homes is something rarely practiced or achieved within architecture, yet the benefits of including residents, who are the focus of a complex social and architectural situation, in the design process seems clear.

An architectural outcome has been developed utilizing a critical design approach. The implementation of ethnographic and participatory design research, as well as multiple design iterations, based on current and traditional modes, has resulted in an architecture that is culturally responsive, impacts the existing context lightly, and primarily provides a positive social scenario to encourage community betterment through collective construction and living.


- Deeper understanding of community lead design process.

- Clear engagement with, and application of, local architectural vernacular to produce a suitable design outcome.

- Social and cultural awareness through research and theoretical application.

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