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RESTRICTED SECTION | Newtown, Wellington


Newtown, Wellington

Restricted Section looks to employ a number of devices as design drivers including modulation, lift and programme hierarchy but perhaps the most profound device is the sense of reveal. Tuck away down a small laneway, bound by homes, the site has no street presence - despite being part of the historical fabric of Newtown. The laneway provides for the approach and the forecourt establishes a fronting elevation while concealing the home beyond. There is a sense of discovery as the building reveals itself as you move through, only fully gaining an appreciation for the home from the courtyard.

Restricted Section has given us the opportunity to explore alternative construction methodologies, in particular structurally insulated panels or SIPs. The product allows us to achieve a highly efficient modulated home. The challenge will be how we soften the rawness of the system while also celebrating it.
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