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Faced with the challenge of an evident housing crisis in New Zealand, we at Arête turned to some of our past projects to draw inspiration from the successes and learnings realised through the course of the design and build stages. What was born was an affordable housing solution that tackles the key aspects of residential design: Quality design aesthetic, space maximisation, high performance and modulation.

SIPtris Housing leans into the Tetris concept of small pieces, or forms, that fuse to make a whole. The modular SIP construction methodology makes these designs efficient, low in waste, and quick to erect. With six offerings, we believe there is a SIPtris house suitable for any site, which can meet clients needs and wants.

Presenting, The Line. Elegant and striking, The Line is the perfect solution for long sites, expansive views and nestling itself into the surrounding environment. The 108m2, three-bedroom home is a perfect stand-alone option but can also be mirrored along the closed facade to create a duplex making this one stunning versatile housing solution.

These are off-the-shelf available designs. Enquire now for more details.

  • Cost effective and modular construction (using SIPS)
  • Design to a standard SIP sheet module to save on material waste
  • Homestar 6 minimum
  • Designed for a range of sites including flood prone areas.
  • Strong design presence/aesthetic
  • Maximised small floor areas with efficient space planning reducing over scale residential housing.
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