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TIU STUDIO | Lake Hāwea, Otago


Lake Hāwea, Otago

Like its namesake the Tiu (te reo for sparrow) Studio is big energy in a small package. Envisioned as the first stage of a growing family home in Lake Hāwea, Otago the Tiu Studio sits proudly defiant of its minor dwelling billing. Although designed as part of a larger complex of structures the Tiu Studio appears complete as a singular entity, a trait so critical in staged construction.

A rich tapestry of materials has been expertly collated to buck the trend of the Central Otago architectural equivalent of, “short back and sides”, or “a flat white”. The generic palette of black and cedar is cast away for tones that are much more conducive to the surrounding context and a true reflection of the clients love of the outdoors. Textured honey coloured OSB, bandsawn reclaimed eucalypt and lichen colorsteel have all been arranged to represent the aesthetic of Central Otago. The red detailed shroud and front door a nod to the alpine huts and miners cottages of the area.

The design intention was to challenge convention and prove that staged building can be a successful and cost effective way of slowly building your dream home. The modest yet highly function 36m2 studio apartment above the garage is rated to Homestar 6 Design and is a glimpse into the future of high performance housing. The future is looking bright.
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