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MOJO BRANDON | CBD, Wellington


Wellington, New Zealand

Mojo Brandon, our introductory and pivotal project in a fostering relationship with Mojo Coffee, has been conceptualised as a single move. A sweeping linear light source, visually informing circulation, does most of the heavy lifting in enticing patrons off the street and adjacent lobby space through the cafe. Other moves work to support this response; material datums, compression of thresholds, programmatic separation of the material palette.

Mojo Brandon has successfully generated more engagement and city life, much needed in a post covid CBD. The space allows for informal office meetings, chances interactions, refreshments and overall provides a rich addition to the communal tapestry of a building strengthened to endure for the next 50 years. 

We were also very fortunate to work with New Zealand contemporary artist Andrew J. Steel. He cleverly and playfully uses hieroglyphs as storytelling mechanisms. His mural portrays a symbolic take on business and life in Wellington.
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